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New York, Rei Kawakubo at The Met

Fru is fan of Rei Kawakubo! Fru went with Herr to see the exhibition Art of the In-Between at The Met wearing Comme des Garcons’s pants.

The exhibition is quite extensive, containing works from the 1980’s to 2017. Kawakubo’s layered and sculpted designs express the in-betweenness of dualities like Absence/Presence. The mixing of conventional shapes to create uncommon is Kawakubo’s recognizable style. Here we have few examples of her style!

The exhibition at the Metropolitan Art Museum in New York continues until 4th of September 2017.

Cover photo: Male / Female  The Infinity of Tailoring


Design/Not Design, Rei Kawakubo

Design / Not Design



High / Low  Good Taste / Bad Taste


Elite Culture, Rei Kawakubo

High / Low  Elite Culture / Popular Culture


Model/Multiple, Rei Kawakubo

Model / Multiple Abstract Excellence



Male / Female  The Infinity of Tailoring


Rei Kawakubo

Self / Other  Lost Empire



Clothes / Not Clothes  Life / Loss